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    1. Akinor

      In some ways, the double-disc, track compilation The Story of the Clash, Vol. 1 does its job quite well -- if the job is indeed presenting a relatively thorough overview for casual fans. The great majority of the band's hits and signature tunes are here, including album tracks and such non-LP singles as "Bankrobber," "Armagideon Time," and "Capital Radio," albeit in nonchronological order.8/
    2. Mular

      White riot, I wanna riot White riot, a riot of my own White riot, I wanna riot White riot, a riot of my own [Verse 2] All the power's in the hands Of the people rich enough to buy it While we walk.
    3. Kigore

      May 18,  · "Story of the Clash 1" has some excellent music of the popular England punks from the 70's/80's. "The Magnificent Seven" is a funky song with some very silly lyrics (a car in the fridge, a fridge in the car.). "London Calling" is a song of political action that isn't preachy or over the top, but rocks out/5(23).
    4. Vulabar

      General CommentThe Sex Pistols thought that clash was racists just because of the words "WHITE riot" But the song isn't any racist song, it's just about that they were the only white men in a riot! So if anyone of you are that dumb that you think clash are racists you should think again!5/5(2).
    5. Vudom

      The Story of the Clash, Volume 1 è un album dei Clash pubblicato nel , la raccolta presenta i maggiori successi della band londineseArtista: The Clash.
    6. Fenrigor

      A White Riot című Clash-szerzeményt a Dropkick Murphysen kívül játszotta a Rage Against the Machine, a Sham 69, a Redska és az Angelic Upstarts. Az együttes es slágere, a Should I Stay or Should I Go többször is megjelenik a Netflix os sci-fi drámasorozatában, a Stranger Things-ben, ami ban játszódance.thorgabandispewieldlalen.infoinfo: London, Anglia.
    7. Shakinos

      The Clash's double-disc, track compilation The Story of the Clash, Vol. 1 presents a relatively thorough overview of their career (except Cut the Crap).An anticipated second volume was to have consisted of live recordings but remains unreleased. The original Albums on vinyl were released with 4 different colored covers, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.
    8. Kazik

      Jul 29,  · The Story of The Clash is a story which is told backwards and is incomplete (considering how a Volume 2 never came). In a sense, starting at the end makes sense as the group's two biggest radio hits stem from their final album (Cut the Crap doesn't count and is wisely ignored here).And while not strictly chronological, the tracks do seem to flow into each other quite nicely/5(23).

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