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    1. Tojakus

      Why do humans seem so much more prone to disease than animals? [closed] Ask Question Asked 5 years, But that's kind of a different question, so consider it optional 'bonus points' to answer.) this is more or less stated as fact without much to back it up. $\endgroup$ – Nuclear Wang Jun 14 '17 at
    2. Zubar

      worldwide: one of the most common human parasites; estimated to infect between 30–50% of the global population. [6] [7] ingestion of uncooked/undercooked pork/lamb/goat with Toxoplasma bradyzoites, ingestion of raw milk with Toxoplasma tachyzoites, ingestion of contaminated water food or soil with oocysts in cat feces that is more than one.
    3. Mezikree

      The earliest physicians thought that illness and disease were a sign of God's anger or the work of evil spirits. Hippocrates and Galen advanced the concept of humorism, a theory which held that we get sick from imbalances of the four basic substances within the human body, which they identified as blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile Author: Molly Edmonds.
    4. Yozshulkis

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    5. Jugrel

      Jan 03,  · That's Sick! Humans Identify Infected Peers From a Photo Both pictures, healthy and sick, of all participants were then showed to a different group of people, which had to rate whether the person was sick or healthy. Paler lips "The raters could correctly discriminate 13 out of 16 individuals (81 percent) as being sick," said the study.
    6. JoJonos

      Aug 31,  · One wonders why they are living as a human at all. Just a temple for the imagination, a prison for the mind, bound up in a world of food where all things are vain and transitory. Day after day it's the same, watching reruns of my life, hoping for new episodes, wondering where .
    7. Kajizahn

      You’ve probably heard the expression “a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth" at least once in your life. Most of us have just accepted this as fact.
    8. Tojashakar

      Yes, the human body is made up of materials found on the surface of the ground. Oxygen, being the most abundant element on the earth's crust or on the ground, makes up 65 percent of the human body.
    9. Bazuru

      There are 16 different types of hemagglutinin (H) proteins and nine different types of neuraminidase (N) proteins. This is how names such as "H1N1" or "H3N2" are acquired. However, the pandemic H1N1 influenza is different because it was created from a combination of human, swine, and bird flu viruses.

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