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    1. Donris

      KYO-TO is a tribute to its namesake city; a land ruled by temples, shrines and heavenly beings. Part terrace dining room, part open-air courtyard, Spice Alley’s first small restaurant delivers Japanese cuisine into a space bridging traditional talismans and contemporary design. Architecture firm, LAVA, leads us on a journey from a red-columned dining room inspired by the famous Fushimi Inari.
    2. Yozshushura

      4, Followers, Posts. 🔴📷 @leica_kyo -DM or Email for shoots-.
    3. Juzragore

      Tenrikyo (天 理 教, Tenrikyō, sometimes rendered as Tenriism) is a Japanese new religion which is neither strictly monotheistic nor pantheistic, originating from the teachings of a 19th-century woman named Nakayama Miki, known to her followers as Oyasama.
    4. Tygosida

      Jan 01,  · Mukai Kyorai, original name Mukai Kanetoki, also called Rakushisha, (born , Nagasaki, Japan—died Oct. 8, , Kyōto), Japanese haiku poet of the early Tokugawa period (–) who was one of the first disciples of the haiku master Matsuo Bashō.. Kyorai first trained as a samurai, but at age 23 he gave up martial service and turned to the writing of poetry.
    5. Arashinris

      Our story. Kyo-to. A traditional kaiseki restaurant nestled in the heart of the central business district of Makati City. Named after the former imperial capital and and cultural heart of Japan, Kyo-to aspires to provides its guests the highest.
    6. Jugrel

      Jun 27,  · KYO-TO is the best Kaiseki restaurant in Manila. The restaurant, whose name is a tribute to the cultural capital of Japan, is the brainchild of Japanese Chef Ryohei Kawamoto. Kaiseki is the highest expression of Japanese gastronomy, inspired by the traditional tea ceremony.
    7. Turan

      Rika Hayashi, Kaibara's newest transfer from Okinawa, feels like an outsider when she arrives back in Tokyo after six years. Still, following the death of her mother and a strained relationship with her father - it also feels like coming home. Trying to adjust to a new life, Rika is unawares of the shadows that lurk behind her childhood in.
    8. Grogis

      株式会社ユリヤ, 京都府京都市. likes · 1 was here. 京都であられを販売して60年「あられ・おかき ゆりや」です。手焼きあられや京野菜あられなど幅広くご紹介。Followers:

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