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    1. Keshura

      Apr 29,  · Life is too short, death is certain, and it will come. Here are 60 "life is too short" quotes that will surely remind you how short life is and help you not to regret life. If you have a chance to relive your life, would you live your life differently?
    2. Tygora

      The general encouragement: “Life is short — make it count.”. The pleasant reminder — “Life is short — enjoy every minute.”. The negative warning: “Life is short — don’t waste it.”. The ministry exhortation: “Life is short — serve the Lord.”. The missional admonition: “Life is short — reach the nations.”.
    3. Maulkis

      “They say "Life is short" but that is NOT true. Life is endless and so is Time. Both are in God's hands, immeasurable, and wait for no man. It is actually “Living and Timing”, both measured by a Clock and a Calendar, that are short and will pass away. A man may live for years, but that is still "short" compared to the endless Life and.
    4. Bazilkree

      Dec 20,  · Helena Bonham Carter on Life's too Short - Duration: theredqueenx , views.
    5. Tojajas

      Born to Mack () Life Is Too Short () Short Dog's in the House ()Genre: Hip hop, hardcore rap.
    6. Grolabar

      Life is too short to ignore it. It doesn’t take too much to get this going. If you’re deathly afraid of heights, get on an airplane or go up a really tall building and peer down the side. Whatever it it takes. Your life is literally on the line here. It’s easy to ignore fears rather than to embrace them.
    7. Mauzuru

      Too Short played the role of Lew-Loc in the film Menace II Society. Too Short has also worked in the adult film industry, with the film Get In Where You Fit In. Too Short was an interviewee in American Pimp. Too Short starred in and performed the music for America's Sexiest Girls Too Short has also appeared in an episode of The Game.

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